Honeyed Dutch Carrots

This recipe for honeyed dutch carrots is whole carrots, bathed in honey and seasonings, then boiled until tender and caramelized. A super easy yet elegant side dish perfect for lunch or dinner!



  1. Trim tops approx. 1cm from the end of dutch carrots then peel.
  2. Melt 90g butter with 2 tbs of Mrs Oldbucks Pantry Yellowbox Honey in a large deep frying pan.
  3. Add dutch carrots and toss to coat in the tasty mixture.
  4. Pour cup chicken stock over carrots. Add 1 tbs each thyme leaves and chopped sage.
  5. Cover and simmer for 4 minutes or until just tender.
  6. Remove cover, bring mixture to the boil and cook for approx 8 minutes until liquid has evaporated and carrots are golden and caramelised, turning occasionally.
  7. Serve with any juices poured over.