When I bought Mrs Oldbucks Pantry in January 2018 , I knew what my vision was.

To maintain the wonderful traditions of Mrs Oldbucks , that I remembered as a  teenager when I stopped off with my parents on our way to Canberra in the late 70’s or when we used to holiday regularly at Craigieburn in Bowral over the past 40 years.

I wanted to bring those traditions into the 21st century. To appeal to the younger generations who don’t really know about tomato jam or creamed honey. To have them taste , smell and learn about so many different foods and where they are sourced. To support when possible local producers and their beautiful artisan products.

Mrs Oldbucks Pantry is an institution in Berrima and I love treating those values with the respect they deserve.

At weekends you will see me in my mop hat and apron as I pay homage to the original staff uniform from all those years ago and on special occasions you may even see the full bustle skirt come out.

Retail these days is not just about customer service and great products but also about the customer experience. To enlighten all of your 5 senses , to entertain and in a fun way to educate. To bring Mrs Oldbucks Pantry products into your home whether by shopping instore or online and having you delight in the tastes and hopefully for you create new memories.

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of shopping at Mrs Oldbucks Pantry as I do in opening the doors everyday and sharing Mrs Oldbucks Pantry with you.

Hope to see you soon