All our honey is sourced from local apiarists who have hives placed throughout regional NSW – local, inland and coastal. Though honey is very seasonal , this provides us with ever changing varieties allowing us all year round supply of natural raw honey.

Mrs Oldbucks Raw Honey

Mrs Oldbucks Organic Single Origin Cold Pressed Honey

Pure Origins Manuka

All natural pure honey has antibacterial properties, but what makes Manuka honey superior to other honeys is the the presence of Methylglyoxal (MGO), a natural occurring organic compound found in Manuka honey. Australia has over 80 species of leptospermum species which is native to both South East Australia and New Zealand hence Australian sourced Manuka honey Manuka’s antibacterial properties may assist with digestion, skin disorders, ageing, immunity, gastric ulcers, gingivitis, influenza, and cold relief. Is 100% Pure Australian, Natural, Raw, Single Region & Cold Extracted to retain all nutritional properties. Every batch of Pure Origins Manuka is lab tested for MGO authenticity and rating

Bees R Us Creamed Honey

Also known as whipped or creamed honey , creamed honey is whipped trapping bubbles of air that enhance the flavour and texture.